Insurance for Your Non-Profit Company

Non-Profit Insurance

Non-profit companies, just like any other business, require some form of insurance. Business insurance isn’t just for companies with a focus on making a profit. Non-profit companies actually have some unique risks they may face. Directors and Officers Liability Insurance, which helps protect board members from personal liability if a lawsuit is brought against the non-profit, is very important, yet is often overlooked.

This is not the only place of risk for a non-profit. If your non-profit has run into legal or financial difficulties, donors may be reluctant to continue providing support, and it is hard to continue your normal operations if your non-profit financing is depleted.

These are some common choices for non-profit insurance coverage:

  • Property Insurance
  • Fidelity Insurance
  • Directors and Officers Liability Insurance
  • Commercial Auto Insurance
  • Accident Insurance

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