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You have your auto insurance but there are things you can do to make sure you stay accident free this Fall and Winter. 

Car Headlights.jpgWhen is the last time you checked your headlights and taillights? When a deer (or other “Fall” venturing animal) darts in front of you, clear and bright headlights will make it easier to see (giving you time to slow down and avoid a collision). Properly working taillights will assure who ever is following you, can see they need to slow down. Keeping both you and other drivers safe.

2)   Have you checked your tires? Are they in need of replacement? Are they in need of rotation? Are they in need of air? Properly working tires are a must during inclement Fall and Winter weather. Be sure to have a professional check your tires if you do not feel comfortable assessing yourself.Tires.jpg

3)   Do you have washer fluid? Seems like a silly question, but Fall means Harvest; which also means dust. Dirty windows mean a dirty view of what is ahead. A full container of washer fluid assures when you need to clean your window, you can!

4)   Do you need sunglasses? No joke!  We are serious. How many times have you been headed to a holiday gathering and the bright sun is reflecting the bright white snow directly into your vision? Making it at times impossible to see? We encourage proper eyewear to assure your vision is clear and free of glaring distractions.Sunglasses.jpg

5)   Do you have a safety kit? Although this won’t change your auto insurance, we still think it is important your car is ready for an emergency. Blankets, Gloves, Hats, Matches, Pocket Knife, Flashlight (with new batteries), Packaged Food and Bottled Water are just a few things you should have in your “Winter Safety Kit”. 

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